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Grupo de Teatro SINERGIA and Teatro FRIDA KAHLO announces the 13th

FRIDA KAHLO Theater 10-Minute Play Festival

PERFORMANCES: beginning  January 10, 2025

Fridays, Saturdays 8 PM; Sundays 4 PM

10 Minute Play Festival


The FRIDA KAHLO Theater 10- Minute Play Festival has been organized to give emerging writers the opportunity to present their work. The festival allows participants opportunities to express and challenge their artistic abilities, hone their skills, and become the producers of their own plays.

Rules and Regulations

•The 10- Minute Play Festival is open to any Latino/Latina writer or any writer writing about Latino issues. Play must be 10 minutes or less.

•Plays should have, preferably, no more than 4 characters.

•Participants will not be required to pay an entry fee.

•Participants will have access to rehearsals at the FRIDA KAHLO Theater and up to 12 days of performances.

.•Plays could be in English, Spanish or Spanglish.

•Plays must be fully rehearsed and memorized.

•Participants will provide their own props and costumes.

•All plays should adhere to the same set (6 cubes, 1 table and 4 chairs) and lighting design.

•No sound cues shall be used, unless incorporated into the story and played by a character onstage.

•Performances: will start on January 10, 2025 at the FRIDA KAHLO Theater.

 DEADLINE TO APPLY: August 31, 2024 at 11:59 PM.

•The Plays line-up will be chosen and scheduled by our Artistic Director.

•Rehearsal schedules will be determined by the FRIDA KAHLO Theater staff.

•General furnishing, and lighting will be supplied by the festival.

However, these aspects may be limited and there will be no light changes nor sound cues.

Any other aspects (music, costumes, make-up, props…etc.) will be the responsibility of the writers/producers, participants, directors, and/or actors.

As part of the Festival a mandatory round table formed by actors, writers and producers will discuss the productions. This session might be open to the audience.

Contact Information:

•For more information contact

Rubén Amavizca-Murúa


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